Free Pattern: Dapped Circle Earrings

By on July 1, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for July 1st, 2016

Dapped Circle Earrings with Bead

by Judy Larson

Today we feature a great new pattern from our friend Judy Larson! What a fun project to create for your summer markets and fall gift giving!

Judy Says:


Level: Beginner


  • 24 gauge sheet metal—use the two smaller circle templates.  **See template information below**
  • Two 8mm round beads
  • Two 20 gauge balled headpins or make your own set of purchased ear wires or make your own
  • Optional: Two purchased 4mm ID jump rings or make your own



Step 1: Copy the circle templates.  CLICK HERE to view Judy’s Component Templates or to download a copy for this project.

**The jewelry component templates in the center section of Judy’s templates will make one pendant, one set of earrings, one set of earrings with matching pendant and three flower components.**

Step 2: Transfer the design to your sheet metal.
Step 3: Cut the circles out using your preferred method for cutting sheet metal.
Step 4: File any sharp edges.
Step 5: Use a 1.5mm hole punch to make a hole in the center top of each piece.
Step 6: Use the larger side of the Mini TruStrike Embossing Hammer to texture the circles, texturing more heavily at the top and fading to much less at the bottom.


Step 7: Use the Dapping Punch Set to cup each disk, placing each texture side up in the dapping well. To preserve the texture when forming the disk, consider placing a piece of felt between the dap and the disk.


Step 8: Make wire wrapped bead dangles by placing each bead on a balled headpin and making a wire wrapped loop at the top.

Step 9: Attach the domed circles and bead dangles to ear wires. Optional: Connect the disk and bead together with a jump ring before attaching to ear wires.

Step 10: You can leave the earrings bright and shiny or use liver of sulfur to patina them. Buff with 0000 steel wool to bring out the dimension of your texturing.


For more tips on how to do some the above techniques – CLICK HERE to see what Instructional DVDs we have available.  For more tips from Judy - CLICK HERE!

Happy Wrapping!

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