New DVD Series – Stone Setting with Wire

By on June 17, 2015
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by Judy Ellis,

New DVD Series June 17, 2015

Stone Setting with Wire by Kim St. Jean


Do you know who Kim St. Jean is? If you do, then I know you’re going to be as excited as I am about her new 3-DVD series!

In the last 15 years she has taught over 12,000 students and developed step-by-step formulas that anyone can follow. She will reveal powerful, proven techniques you can use to set any stone.

You’ll be astonished at Kim’s mastery of Stone-Setting with Wire and her gorgeous finished projects. In this 3-DVD set you will be making projects like the ones below.

DVD #1: “Using Wire to Make a God’s Eye Pendant” DVD #2: “Using Wire to Make Nontraditional Two-Layered Woven Prongs” DVD #3: “Using Wire to Make Bezel Wire Prongs” (Kim’s favorite of the series) “

And if you don’t, no problem. Let me introduce her to you, and in just a few moments, you’ll understand why I’m so ecstatic.

You can learn to master all of Kim’s Stone-Setting with Wire Techniques!

Kim St. Jean

“I’m very excited to share this DVD series with you and teach you how to take your favorite stone – regardless of its shape or cut – and use wire to transform it into a true work of art!”Kim St. Jean, Stone-Setting Expert and Master Teacher

Kim is one of the world’s foremost experts on stone-setting. She can take any kind of stone of any size, any shape, any cut and turn it into a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

Her powerful, proven stone-setting techniques and artistic creativity are nothing short of magical!What really sets Kim apart is her ability to clearly explain and demonstrate her powerful step-by-step formulas for mastering the stone-setting techniques that she’s worked for years to perfect.

Remember how I mentioned that she has a new 3-DVD series? It’s called “Stone-Setting with Wire” and it’s amazing!

Stone Setting with Wire featuring Kim St. Jean - 3 DVD Set

Here’s a little preview of this powerhouse 3-DVD series, along with a list of valuable techniques that Kim teaches you:

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn Centuries old technique of Wire-weaving
  • Craft handmade wire rivets
  • Solder wire to metal sheet
  • Plan your wire design
  • Add texture for a finished look unlike any manufactured jewelry
  • Discover how a patina finish changes the entire look of your finished piece
  • Create perfect wire prongs every single time
  • Use a thick wall wire bezel to hold your stone perfectly in place
  • Multi-layer to add dimension to your design
  • Use sweat solder so you don’t melt your wire
  • Draw a bead on the end of a wire
  • Set non-traditionally-shaped stones

Each DVD features Kim’s expert explanation and demonstration of one unique project that involves Stone Setting with Wire from start to finish.

To purchase Kim St. Jean’s DVDs, CLICK HERE!

Happy Wrapping!

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    June 29, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    I so love your style Kim St Jean and have bought one of your books that teaches all techniques that you use in your classes, i treasure it. The cover featured an enameled heart that i made for my first project in learning to enamel. It was the most fun learning the piercing technique on top of an embossed copper sheet of pebbles. I cut the pebbles out randomly then enameled the piece and then made matching earrings. I sold it at my first craft sale as a featured piece. You are my mentor and i thank you so much for all you have taught me through your book.