Free Pattern: Floating Bead Earrings By Kimberly Newman

By on July 27, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for July 27th, 2017

Floating Bead Earrings

by Kimberly Newman


These pretty earrings showcase a beautiful Czech glass bead. I love these beads! But you could use a favorite bead of yours too!




Step 1: Measure and cut 2 pieces of wire 3 inches long and 2 pieces of wire 1 inch long.


Step 2: Using round-nose pliers, make a simple loop on one end of each of the 3 inch wires. Make a second loop by placing the round-nose pliers above the loop and bending the wire back over the top of the pliers.

element_5821_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_second loop element_5822_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_completed second loop

Step 3: Remove the loops from the pliers and with your hands, make a bend like a candy cane as shown in the photo.


Step 4: Using a Sharpie Marker, wrap the bottom of the wire around the marker.


Step 5: Using round-nose pliers, make a loop on the tail of the large loop.


Step 6: On the steel block, hammer the outer edge of the large loop.


Step 7: Take one of the 1 inch pieces of wire and hammer the tip to flatten slightly. Slide the bead onto the 1 inch piece.

element_5827_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_hammer flate element_5828_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_20170725_161446 (1)

Step 8: Place the earring component around the bead so the flattened wire extends past the frame.

element_5829_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_add bead

Step 9: Use round-nose pliers to bend the end of the hammered 1 inch piece into a small loop.


Step 10: Use chain-nose pliers to press down the small loop onto the earring frame.


Step 11: Trim the wire on the opposite side leaving 3/16 of an inch. Being careful not to hit your thumb or the bead, place the wire on the outer edge of your steel block and hammer the end flat.


Step 12: Trim any excess wire to just the length you need to wrap the frame. Use chain-nose pliers to finish securing to the frame.

element_5833_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_20170725_161204 element_5834_kimberly-newman_floating-bead-earrings_20170725_161125

Step 13: Repeat all the steps to make a second earring and add ear wires to complete.

Happy Wrapping!

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    Louise Gilbert

    July 27, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    I really like these. Will get to making them shortly.

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    July 27, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    These earrings are really cute and different and are not hard to make. Thank you so much for the pattern.