Making Paddle Ends By Denise Peck

By on September 15, 2017
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Wire Jewelry Tip for September 15th, 2017

Making Paddle Ends

by Denise Peck

Flattening the ends of wire into a paddle shape is a versatile technique that’s quite handy to know how to do. It’s a simple way to make headpins on which to string beads, or it’s a pretty dangle all on its own. It’s also a nice way to begin a spiral, as the thinned wire is easy to curl, and looks cool spiraled!

You need very few tools, one of which you probably have in your kitchen tool drawer. You’ll need a steel bench block and a flat-head hammer, and of course, wire cutters. A metal needle file or nail file is also suggested for filing the tip smooth

Photo 1 tools for paddling

When I’m making headpins, I work right off my spool, that way I can then cut whatever length I want after the paddle is made.

working off spool for paddling

Hammer the tip of your wire flat, and then continue to hammer just that spot, while slightly pulling the hammer off the end as you strike.

hammer paddle

Flatten the end as much as you want. You can stop after a slight flattening, or continue to hammer to spread that paddle shape even more. If you get a dent in the paddle, just hammer over it again in order to remove the dent.

spread paddle

If your paddle ends up with any sharp burs, take a nail file and just file off the burs.

bur on paddle

Happy Wrapping!


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