Frequently Asked Questions

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Wire-Sculpture’s Tip of the Day FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Wire-Sculpture is proud to be the only website dedicated to “traditional wire jewelry” information, education and supplies. We do not crimp, string, solder, glue, weld, fuse, torch or knot – there are many, many other websites that work with these techniques.

While we’re here to support you and your jewelry dreams, please keep in mind that we are all about wire jewelry: really, that’s it! We do not sell the equipment for, nor do we have the experts to discuss crimping, stringing, soldering, gluing, welding, fusing, torching, or knotting techniques. In this modern age, there are many, many sites with a wealth of information about those topics. If you have questions about soldering, torches, beadwork, or any non-wire jewelry crafts, we recommend you type your topic in Google to find more information. We’re proud to be the only website that’s totally dedicated to the art of wire jewelry.

What is the difference between wire tempers?

What wire is good for which project

How to print things from our blog and site such as patterns, gem profiles, etc.

How to keep base metal wires from tarnishing (or not!)

How to twist wire

How to use a tumbler and why/why not

How to sell your jewelry

Where to sell your jewelry

How to choose and work with tools that are kind to both your hands and designs

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