NEW Dvd by Eva Sherman

By on April 10, 2015
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Wire Jewelry Tip April 10, 2015

NEW DVD by Eva Sherman -

Loopy Wire Wrap Freeform Pendant DVD and Supply Kit

There are few things more exciting than learning a new jewelry-making technique, right? But as exhilarating as this can be at the beginning, do you ever find yourself getting a little frustrated with all of the rules you have to follow?

Do you ever start feeling limited and hemmed in? Do you ever wish you could learn a technique that really lets you unleash your creativity?

Eva Sherman and `Freeforming` to the Rescue!

One of the World`s Foremost Jewelry-Design Experts Explains and Demonstrates a Secret Technique That You Can Master Even If You`re Brand New to the Craft.






Eva has mastered many jewelry-making techniques, but in this exclusive DVD, she teaches you what she calls her most `adaptable` and `organic` technique.

She calls it `Freeforming,` and it`s a revolutionary technique that`s like a slap in the face to your jewelry-making skill set.

In this marvelous DVD, Eva uses her clear, precise, and friendly manner to explain the art of freeform jewelry-making.

But even better, she demonstrates exactly how the freeform technique works by creating this gorgeous pendant from start to finish:

Presenting Eva`s `Loopy Wire Wrap Freeform Pendant`




Eva Cover`s Every Detail, Tip and Question About Freeforming:

  • Why `mistakes` and `imperfections` are perfect for freeform jewelry
  • The ideal gauge of wire and metal backing to use
  • Why you must use a cabochon
  • Why any size, shape, or color of cabochon will work
  • What a loopy wrap is and how to make one
  • The exact tools you`ll need for the process (hint: there are only a few)
  • How the absence of rules really helps you unlock your creativity
  • The secret tips that make the technique far easier to complete
  • The correct way to add a beautiful patina and properly polish your creation
  • How freeforming can be adapted to create pendants, cuffs, rings, earrings, and more

Eva Has Perfected the Process Because She`s Made all the Mistakes

To read more about Eva`s New DVD CLICK HERE!

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Happy Wrapping!