NEW DVD Series – Stone Setting with Cold Connections

By on July 6, 2015
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by Judy Ellis,

NEW Product Tip for July 6, 2015

Stone Setting with Cold Connections by Kim St. Jean

One of the World’s elite experts teaches you all about Stone-Setting with Cold Connections – without charging you for expensive classes.

You’ll Love Seeing Kim’s Mastery of Stone-Setting with Cold Connections and Her Gorgeous Finished Projects!

Stone Setting with Cold Connections

When you want to learn something new, wouldn’t it be great if you could learn from the best?

Say you want to try your hand at acting. Wouldn’t you want to study with Meryl Streep? Or imagine you want to know more about physics. How about taking private lessons from Stephen Hawking?.

You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking: Good luck, right? Well, when it comes to jewelry craftsmanship – stone-setting specifically – we’re offering you a chance to learn from one of the best in the world!

All Hail Kim St. Jean!

Kim St. Jean is one of the world’s foremost experts on stone-setting. She can take any kind of stone of any size, any shape, any cut and turn it into a gorgeous piece of jewelry! Add to that the fact that Kim is also an excellent teacher, able to clearly explain and demonstrate her powerful, step-by-step stone-setting techniques. And You Now Have the Meryl Streep of Stone-Setting!


“Stone-Setting with Cold Connections” DVD Series featuring Kim St. Jean!


Learn all of these techniques and more…

  • Set a stone using hidden prongs and turtle prongs
  • Plan your design using cold connections, so that your piece doesn’t come apart
  • Learn when to use texture and patina to create the perfect finish every time
  • Make your own jump rings and create a unique bail system
  • Learn when to use wire rivets versus tube rivets
  • Use paddling to create the perfect surface for a cold connection
  • Pierce metal with a jeweler’s saw
  • Properly handle a jeweler’s saw
  • Set up a bench properly
  • Use a micro-motor
  • See why most hole punches don’t work
  • Learn a new riveting system that will change the way you rivet
  • Sand and finish to crate a professional looking piece
  • Turn your scraps into matching finished jewelry
  • Save time and create unique designs using precut metal blanks

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to pick up a great NEW set of DVDs for a rock bottom price!

Right Now, You’ll Pay only $97 for ALL Three DVDs!

Happy Wrapping!

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