Free Pattern: Stone Twist Wrap by Karen Meador

By on July 31, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for July 31st, 2017

Stone Twist Wrap

by Karen Meador


This wrap is a good way to showcase any unusual shaped stone. The wire forms an interesting cage around any shape.
You can choose to 20-gauge or 22-gauge wire, depending upon the size of your stone. Likewise, for the wrapping wire, you can use either 24- or 26-gauge wire.




Step 1: Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of the stone or object.

element_4129_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 0

Step 2: Measure two pieces of the heavier gauge wire that are each at least 4 times as long as the circumference determined in step 1.

element_4131_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 1

Step 3: Bind the middle of these two wires with the lighter gauge wire by holding the tail of the wire and wrapping it around the two heavier wires. Wrap around five times or more.

element_4132_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 2

Step 4: Spread the two wires apart on each side.

element_4133_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 21

Step 5: Bring the top two wires up and across each other and the bottom two down and across each other.

element_4134_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 3

Step 6: Use the chain nose pliers to twist the wires together one or two times where they cross.

element_4233_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 5.

Step 7: Insert the stone and note that after you twist the wires, they will extend to the sides of the it. Note: The stone will be slippery and try to escape the wrap. Just hold it in place as best you can.

element_4136_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 4

Step 8: Twist the one front wire and one back wire on each side of the stone in the same manner as steps 5 & 6. The wrap may look pretty messy at this point, but this will be alleviated in a later step.

element_4137_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 6

Step 9: Bring two wires back to the front and two wires to the back, twisting them again as in steps 5 & 6.

element_4138_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 7

element_4139_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 8

Step 10: Continue in this back and forth crossing/twisting manner until you reach to top of the stone. Then grasp three of the four wires together with the chain nose pliers in preparation for making the bail. Leave the front wire out for use in wrapping the bail.

element_4140_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 9

Step 11: Wrap the omitted wire once or twice tightly around the other three wires.

element_4141_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 10

Step 12: Wrap the three remaining wires from front to back around the bail making pliers.

element_4142_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 11

Step 13: Wrap the same wire used in step 10 a couple of times around the three wires to create the bail.

element_4143_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 12

Step 14: Wrap the three bails wires from the back to the front several times around the bail base and the stone finally tucking the ends in at the back.

element_4144_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 14 element_4145_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 22

Step 15: Take up any slack in the wrap by gently turning some of the straight pieces of wire between the twists with the chain nose pliers. You can do this in the back and/or the front. Be gentle or you might break the wires.

element_4146_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 15 element_4147_karen-meador--ph-d-_stone-twist-wrap_Twist Wrap 17

Happy Wrapping!

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