Simple Soldering Station By Denise Peck

By on September 22, 2017
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Wire Jewelry Tip for September 22nd, 2017

Simple Soldering Station

by Denise Peck

If you’re venturing into soldering with a handheld butane torch, there are a few things you should consider having for a safe and effective soldering station.

Of course you’ll need a fire safe surface, which can be as basic as a sheet pan or cookie sheet. And a fire brick, on which you’ll do your soldering. But it’s important to have some heat-dedicated pliers that you don’t mind wrecking. Long-nose pliers are great. And a solder pick is great for nudging your work should it move under the breeze of the flame.


I also love to have a rotating annealing pan filled with pumice. It makes moving your pieces very easy while soldering. I often just put my solder brick on top of the pumice.


A third hand is great for holding pieces steady, and a ring stand with a ceramic stick is great for soldering rings.


Remember, set-up is key for successful soldering. So be prepared to spend far more time on careful set-up than you spend on actually soldering!

Happy Wrapping!


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