About the Wire-Sculpture.com Blog

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Hey, thanks for checking us out! We love reading all your questions and all your helpful responses!

Here are the faces behind the Wire-Sculpture.com Jewelry Blog:

Rose Marion


Rose is Wire-Sculpture’s content writer and editor. She writes the in-depth articles for the blog. You also see her writing across the site in content pages and in emails! Aside from wire jewelry, she also loves playing with websites and learning photography. Read more from Rose at her website: Heroine Simple Jewelry.
You can tell when Rose posts a comment, because her avatar looks like this: Rose

Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

Dale Cougar Armstrong

Dale is the unfailing force behind the Tip of the Day. Yes, 365 days a year, she answers questions from all over the world about wire jewelry. From what gauge of wire to use in a project to how to price jewelry (our two most-asked questions!), she’s provided hundreds of answers to budding and blooming wire artists from across the globe!

For more about Dale, click here to read her biography.

You can tell when Dale posts a comment, because her avatar looks like this: Dale Cougar Armstrong


Wire-Sculpture’s Community

These ladies have contributed to Wire-Sculpture’s famous Free Patterns. They also help Dale with Daily Tips, comment on the blog, and sell and teach on their own! You can find many of them on Wire-Sculpture’s Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry.

Click the pictures below for more information about each artist.