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7 Piece Mini TruStrike Hammer Set with Stand

Product ID: HAM-520.70


Finally: Get The Mini-TruStrike 7 Hammer Set (comparable value $400+) For Just $149.95

...and you'll even get the TruStrike Hammer stand free!

Have you been shopping for a really nice set of hammers and every time you look at them you just can't justify the insane prices? Don't get me wrong, if you can afford it, the $75 hammers are worth every penny, but for most of us that's just a little too much to spend on just one hammer.

Starting right now you don't have to wish anymore....the all new Eurotool Mini TruStrike hammers are finally here and today you can get them all for only $21.42 per hammer! Now everyone can have a quality hammer at their workbench. I only have a few sets available for immediate shipping, if this page shows out of stock then you missed them and you'll have to wait for the next shipment.

There's nothing "mini" about these new hammers, they are just the right size for jewelry making. I'm so excited that there is finally a Truly remarkable family of manufacturing hammers at a fair price. You will love the fine, highly polished heads and dark hardwood handle that allows for a true feel of the work being performed. Each hammer is 9.25 inches long and fits perfectly into the convenient hammer stand made just for your new set of hammers. Hammers range from 3oz to 5oz.

  • Mini TruStrike Wide Raising Hammer
  • Head Length: 65mm
  • Face Diameters: 4 x 13mm and 6 x 13.5mm
  • Mini TruStrike Narrow Raising Hammer
  • Head Length: 66mm
  • Face Diameters:
  • 3 x 13mm and
  • 4 x 14mm
  • Mini TruStrike Designer/Texture Hammer
  • Head Length: 72mm
  • Face Diameter: 19mm
  • Onc face has texture and the other face is plain.


  • Mini TruStrike Sharp Designer Hammer
  • Head Length: 73mm
  • Face Diameter: 14.5mm


  • Mini TruStrike Embossing Hammer
  • Head Length: 65mm
  • Face Diameter: 14.5mm


  • Mini TruStrike Embossing Hammer
  • Head Length: 65mm


  • Mini TruStrike Planishing Hammer
  • Head Length: 63mm
  • Face Diameter: 13mm



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