Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Copper is a base metal that’s fairly malleable—it measures a 2.5 on Mohs scale! Copper wire is a great metal to practice new patterns and designs on! Copper has been used for millennia in statues, pottery, jewelry, coins, and ornaments—a copper pendant was found in northern Iraq that dates to 8700 BC! Due to its antibacterial nature, it’s commonly used in hospitals and plumbing. Copper can be combined with other elements, like tin and zinc, to produce strong alloys such as bronze and brass, which are also available here as wire!

Copper jewelry wire is much less expensive than precious metals like silver and gold filled wire. Copper wire is a great “practice metal” for beginners. Even old pros can use copper wire as a test wire to try out ideas, before setting to work on the final gold or silver jewelry pieces.

On its own, polished copper jewelry wire has a warm, burnished gold luster. Add it to silver or gold pieces or let it shine all by itself. Copper wire is perfect for beaded jewelry. Never tried copper jewelry wire before? Give it a try!

It can be tricky to keep base metals, such as copper, clean and shiny. Many of our artists and customers have their own tips and tricks that they use to clean tarnish off of copper and to bring out its shine. One tip (see original post here) suggested using a common household cleaner to keep tarnish at bay. Another suggestion (see original post here) was, why clean it? Why not work it into your jewelry? We've also discussed ways to prevent tarnish altogether (see original post here). If these hints don't work for you, you can always keep your wire shining brightly with our polishing cloths.

Wire can be the glue that holds your jewelry together, or it can shine as the focal point for the entire work. Whether you’re into chainmaille, beading, wire sculpture and wire jewelry making, or even name writing, we have the perfect wire for you.