Buttons Buttons
by Diana Harwood
Diana Harwood created this wire and button necklace with an assortment of buttons fixed with 24-gauge wire, which she attached to a base of crocheted wire. Diana also created a neck wire from 18-gauge wire, which holds the wire crochet base, and fixed buttons to the neck wire itself with wire crochet.


18 Gauge Half Round Half Hard Copper Wire
  • Lesson Quantity: 2.00 feet
  • Purchase Quantity: 1.00 5FT
  • Price: $2.61
  • Gold Club Price: $1.95
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24 Gauge Round Dead Soft Copper Wire
  • Lesson Quantity: 6.00 feet
  • Purchase Quantity: 1.00 10FT
  • Price: $1.78
  • Gold Club Price: $1.33
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  • Category: Weaving
  • Technique(s): Crocheting, Wrapping, Weaving