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Wire by Gauge
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If you're looking for a specific gauge, you're in the right place. We have all our jewelry making wire categorized by gauge here to help you find the right wire faster. Remember, the lower the number, the thicker; the higher the number, the finer!
10 Gauge
12 Gauge
14 Gauge
16 Gauge
18 Gauge
20 Gauge
21 Gauge
22 Gauge
24 Gauge
26 Gauge
28 Gauge
30 Gauge
32 Gauge
34 Gauge

Wire can be the glue that holds your jewelry together, or it can shine as the focal point for the entire work. Whether you’re into chainmaille, beading, wire sculpture and jewelry making, or even name writing, we have the perfect wire for you. Use finer, or higher, gauge wire for more delicate jewelry with smaller stones, or in bundles of multiple lengths of wire. Use thicker wire, with a lower gauge number, for bigger jewelry and bigger stones. Most bracelet patterns can be made using 21 to 22 gauge wire, and a masculine bracelet may use 20-gauge. Regarding rings and earrings, we recommend 22 to 24 gauge in half-hard wire, depending, of course, on the size and style of the earrings or ring. For more information about gauges, check out “What Type of Wire Should I Use?” on our blog!Thicker wire is useful for wrapping cabochons, ring shanks, and thick wire bundles, and also for using in jigs. Of course, you can always use wire to make your own jump rings, bails, and findings. Experiment and explore! Also, if you're used to buying wire by weight, check out our Wire Conversion Charts!

Conversion Table - American Wire Gauge (AWG) to Inches and mm
Gauge Size
Diameter in inches
Diameter in mm

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