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Wire Artist of the Month

Wire Artist of the Month February 2017: Helen Driggs

october Artist of the Month - Kim St. Jean

Helen was educated as an illustrator and holds a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design.

She also studied at University of the Arts, Tyler School of Art, Peters Valley School of Craft, MetalWerx and in private workshops with talented studio jewelers and academic instructors of jewelry and metals across the country.

Helen was the Senior/Technical editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine from 2006-2016, and appeared in 6 instructional videos for Interweave including her two favorites: Basic Fabrication and Riveting and Cold Connections. My book, The Jewelry Maker's Field Guide, was published in 2013.

Before that, she worked as a graphic designer and art director primarily in the newspaper business, and between 1989 and 2003, she illustrated 14 children's coloring books on a variety of science, art and history topics, including Dinosaurs, Forests, Oceans and Space.

Read her blog: Follow her on twitter @fabricationista

Artist Name: Helen Driggs Location: Pleasanton, CA

Tell Us About Your Work

Helen has a wide variety of interests that inform and inspire her work: science, the natural world, history and textile design are all passions of hers. 3D object creation is something that seems to be genetically driven for her, and she is always making something: metalwork, jewelry, artwork, apparel, food and even home improvements.

A few examples of Helen's Work

Fold Formed Bronze Brooch

tOcean's Breathe

Bronze with magnesite and sterling silver; 3 x 3 inches. Fold formed, hand fabricated and patinated. 2008

Rough Rutile Pendant

Her recent direction has been in the exploration of using recycled materials and metals, including ceramic, found objects, tableware, textiles and plastics, and including color that is not in the form of a valuable or expensive gemstone in her pieces.

tOcean's Breathe

Copper, brass, sterling and Rutilated natural surface quartz. 2.75 x 2 inches. Roll printed, hand fabricated and hand formed. 2008


Helen love's color, but hope to use it in a way that is not valued only for the price of the raw materials. She has used everything from recycled silk neckties to vintage silverware in her work.

Black Sea

Cold Connection Sample Exercises

Cold Connection is my favorite fabrication method, sawing is her Zen, and nothing is safe from her evil experiments.

Black Sea

Aluminum, Copper, Plastic, Plexiglas, Brass. Largest link approx.. 3 x 3 inches. Hand fabricated, cold connected, assembled and patinated. 2013

Hammer Formed Botanical Pendant

Black Sea

Copper, NuGold, Bronze and Pearls. 3 x 4 inches. Hand formed, cold connected. 2016

Green and Yellow are Friends

Black Sea

Copper, Aluminum, Bronze, Pigment. 3 x 2.5 inches. Hand fabricated, hand colored pigment and patinawith cold connections. 2016

Hoja Verde

Black Sea

Copper Brooch. 2.25 x 2.75 inches. Hand fabricated, hand patinated. 2016

Tab O-Rama

Black Sea

Aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, pigment. 3.75 x 1.25 inches. Hand fabricated, cold connected and assembled, hand applied pigment. 2016


Helen has been a contributor for our WireJewelry Blog. See all of Helen's posts HERE. You can see all of Helen's Jewelry by visiting her blog HERE. Follow her on Instagram HERE.

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