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Red Brass Wire
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Red Brass Wire

Give your jewelry a golden glow with radiant red brass wire. Beautiful with a shine or antique brass look, red brass jewelry wire is perfect for wrapping natural gemstones, crystals, making Steampunk jewelry, and even for practice! Make red brass wire wrapped jewelry that your friends and loved ones will cherish forever.


You'll love working with this red brass wire, which is an alloy 85% copper and 15% zinc. It's fun to use red brass in wire bundles - mix and match with nickel silver for a mixed metal look! Or turn on your torch and play with patina, creating blues, greens, purples, and browns with a simple butane torch.

Red brass jewelry wire has a warm golden appearance, in contrast to yellow-brass's near-fluorescent green-yellow hue. Create heirloom quality jewelry with this red brass, made in the USA. Red brass is also low-cost enough to use as practice wire if you desire.

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