Clamshell Earrings and Pendant

By on June 15, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry FREE Pattern for June 15th 2016

Clamshell Earrings and Pendant

by Judy Larson

I always love it when our contributors send us unique and exciting new tutorials – today is no different! Judy has shared her Clamshell Earrings and Pendant pattern with us. This pattern utilizes Judy’s Left Template Section of her Jewelry Component Templates.

Judy Says:


The step by step tutorials were written assuming that you have some jewelry making experience and follow all safety precautions. The tutorials do not show basic jewelry making skills or how to solder, rivet or use resin

The jewelry component templates in the left section will make three sets of earrings with matching pendants as well as a charm for a bracelet. The directions for the byzantine chain are not included.
Twelve Days Of Christmas Jewelry Templates and Tutorials_img_0

The 6″ sheet metal square used in this series is composed of three 2″X 6″ sections completely filled with jewelry component templates. Twelve jewelry sets or pieces can be made with this template by adding just a few short pieces of pipe, some beads and jewelry findings and 18 and 20 gauge round wire. Let your imagination run wild!


 Twelve Days Of Christmas Jewelry Templates and Tutorials_img_3


  • 24 gauge sheet metal—use the three shell and one bail templates
  • One 8mm round bead
  • Two 6mm round beads
  • Eight 6mm wavy disks
  • Four 10mm wavy disks
  • 12″ of 20 gauge round dead soft wire
  • Set of purchased ear wires or make your own
  • One purchased bail or make your own (shown)



Step 1: Copy the templates.

Step 2. Transfer the designs to your sheet metal.

Step 3. Cut the shells out using your preferred method for cutting sheet metal.

Step 4. File any sharp edges.

Step 5. Use a 1.5mm hole punch to make holes in the center top of each piece.

Step 6. Decide on the position of the design elements you want for your pieces. Use an ultra fine point permanent marker to draw these lines on the front of each piece. Mark the center line on the front and back of each piece.


Step 7. Place each shell shape on a bench block. Use the narrower side of the Mini TruStrike Sharp Designer Hammer to texture the outer edge on each shell.


Step 8. Use the larger side of the Mini TruStrike Embossing Hammer to texture the center area on each shell.


Step 9. The metal pieces will no longer be flat after texturing. Place each piece on a bench block and use a rubber or plastic mallet to flatten them.

clam5 (2)

Your shell pieces should look like these.


Step 10: The first decorative dimple should be formed right on the center line above the last textured section. You may want to draw lines above the textured section to help with placement. Place the indented cup side of the dimpling pliers on the FRONT side of the metal piece. When you close the jaws of the pliers, the hook portion should be on the center line on the BACK side of the piece. IMPORTANT: Use the 1mm dimpling pliers for the earrings and the 3mm dimpling pliers for the pendant.




Step 11. To make each succeeding dimple out from center, place the edge of the indented side of the dimpling pliers jaw against the previous dimple. Your shell pieces will now look like those to the left.


Step 12. Remove the marker lines from the pieces with an alcohol soaked pad.



Step 13. Use a nylon bracelet bending pliers to shape each shell. Your shell pieces will now look like these.


Step 14. Cut three 4″ long pieces of 20 gauge wire. 1½” in from one end, make a loop on each wire large enough that the shell component will move and freely swing. Slide the component onto the wire so it hangs in the loop. Finish the wire wrapped loop on each piece.


Step 15. 6mm beads and 6mm wavy disks were used for the earrings and an 8mm bead and 10mm wavy disks were used for the pendant. Slide two wavy disks, one bead and two wavy disks onto the wire. Finish with a small wire wrapped loop at the top.

clam15 clam16

Step 16. Attach ear wires to the earrings and the bail to the pendant.

Step 17. You can leave your pieces bright and shiny or use liver of sulfur to patina your pieces. Buff with 0000 steel wool to bring out the dimension of your texturing.


I hope you’ve enjoyed making this set of earrings and pendant by Judy Larson.  If you are interested in creating the Leaf Bail that Judy uses in this pattern – CLICK HERE.

Happy Wrapping!

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    Teresa Dalton

    June 15, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Thanks! Great project! I thank you very much for providing these tutorials! All of them are fantastic and challengin. Just exactly what I needed, as always. Please don’t ever discontinue all of the tips and tutorials! For what it is worth, you always have, at least me, watching and enjoying every one of them! Thanks again for all your guidance,inspiration and effort!
    Happy regards,
    Teresa Dalton