Wire Wrapped Turtle Bracelet

By on June 12, 2015
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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip June 12th, 2015

Wire Wrapped Turtle Bracelet

Today I wanted to share a very cute and simple FREE Jewelry Pattern by our good friend, Marty Blu. It’s just perfect for summer! Take a look at our colored craft wire and beads for additional options for this fun Turtle Bracelet!

Turtle Bracelet

Designed by Marty Blu

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Freeform Shaping & Herringbone Variation

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I love walking the beaches for relaxation and meditation. Often I see or imagine things there that give the inspiration for a new design, such as my Turtle Bracelet. You will have fun learning to shape the body from round wire and then using a variation of the herringbone weave to form the legs. My bracelet is made of six “turtle links.” As you work through the design, create as many turtles as you need, and if you make extra, well, then you will also have a matching pair of earrings!

Tip: Please read through the directions and look at the photos before you begin! To plan your bracelet, each turtle link will be about 1¼ to 1½ inches long.

Materials (for each turtle link)

  • 1 8″ 21-gauge round dead soft wire
  • 1 24″ 24-gauge round dead soft wire
  • 1 12mm Flat Oval Bead



  1. For each turtle link, straighten and cut one piece of 21-gauge round silver wire. Beginning ¾” from one end, sculpt the shape of a spiny turtle body. From the beginning of the rear leg to the tip of the head should measure about 1″
    Turtle BraceletLine Break
  2. Tape both of the wire ends together. Use round nose pliers to gently shape the bottom wire of the rear legs, towards the tail.
    Turtle BraceletLine Break
  3. Using the 24-gauge copper wire from the coil or spool, and leaving a ¾” end, wrap the 24-gauge wire around the base of one leg, near the tail, and then wrap around the tail twice. Slide a bead on and center it over the body. Attach the beaded wire to the neck, wrapping twice around. Do not cut the 24-gauge copper wrap wire. Go back and make a coil with the ¾” at the beginning end.
    Turtle BraceletLine Break
  4. Continuing to use the 24-gauge copper wrap wire, work around each of the turtle’s appendages, wrapping in rotation around the turtle’s body until the 24-gauge wire is almost gone. End the wrap wire at the neck, wrapping the wire around the neck twice and then tucking it under the frame wire beneath the bead.
    Turtle Bracelet
    Turtle BraceletLine Break
  5. Use round, chain and flat nose pliers, as well as your fingers, to bend the turtle’s legs into natural poses. Trim the 21-gauge silver frame wire ends to ½” long. Working with both wires as though they were one, use round nose pliers to form a hook, heading toward the back and insert the hook through another turtle’s head; close firmly.Turtle Bracelet
    Line Break
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to create as many turtle links as desired and then link them together, forming a bracelet. To close the bracelet, you may add either a trigger or lobster claw clasp, or make your own such as the double wrapped hook.

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Happy Wrapping!


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