Free Wire Jewelry Making Patterns

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Take your jewelry making to the next level!  Take your Jewelry Making to the next level!

Did you know that creating wire jewelry began in ancient Mesopotamia? The most recognized designs we have today were often made of copper and brass and have been found in Egyptian tombs. What began in Mesopotamia has continued through Greece, England and many other prominent countries. And now we have what is commonly known as wire jewelry!

I think we all wish we could roam the world in search for exciting and challenging jewelry patterns. What if we could all go back to England and study the patterns from the Victorian Era? Or travel to Egypt in search of jewelry patterns for some Egyptian Coil Earrings? Our lives would be changed for the better and our jewelry making proficiency would be increased exponentially as we try our hands at different styles of wire jewelry creations. has made this possible for everyone! We've teamed up with wire jewelry experts from around the world to bring you Free Jewelry Making Patterns from the four corners of the Earth! Each jewelry pattern comes with detailed written and illustrated instructions. These patterns are perfect for every level of wire jewelry maker, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced jewelry artist.

Discover specialty designs that are guaranteed to challenge your jewelry making skills, bring you additional revenue and enlighten your mind as your travel through some of the most popular jewelry patterns of the world.