NEW Gemstone Beads

By on October 3, 2014
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by Judy Ellis,

New Product Tip for October 3, 2014

NEW Gemstone Beads

Whether you’re making jewelry pieces to match a cabochon pendant you’ve made, or you’re making birthstone jewelry, we have the perfect gemstone beads to match and today I wanted to share the NEW Gemstone Beads that we’ve just received!

You’ll love the multitude of shapes and sizes of these gemstone beads! Dozens of stones, cut into rectangles, round gemstone beads, and even fun shapes like trapezoids… these are the beads you’ll love using time and time again.

Dumortierite – Purple

Dumortierite may not be familiar — yet! These new Purple Dumortierite beads will become your favorite go-to bead. Purple Dumortierite is the same base material as Dumortierite, but includes a purple hue throughout. Scroll down to check out our variety of cuts and shapes!

Purple Dumortierite 8x10 Tumble Nugget 8 Inch Strand

Purple Dumortierite 8x16 Rice Bead 8 Inch Strand

Jade – West African

West African Jade is a Nephrite Jade. It gets its bright green color from traces of chromium.


Jade – Yellow

Yellow Jade is the industry name for this natural serpentine. This stone features an array of shades from deep oranges to creamy off white tones.

Jasper – Red Creek – Matte

This is a matte version of our new Red Creek Jasper beads, still as beautiful as the original. Muted yellows and sage greens bring this stone right in line with today’s fashions. It’ll also be the perfect stone for an article of timeless heirloom jewelry. We have lots of shapes to choose from, just scroll down!

Orange Sodalite

Deep blue with white and orange streaks and flecks. Similar to Lapis Lazuli, but without the gold flecks of pyrite.


If you’d like to learn more about creating with beads, take a look at some of our Instructional DVDS or pick up a new Jewelry Making Book today!

Happy Wrapping!


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