Use Photos to Sell More Wire Jewelry

By on January 29, 2010
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When using the Internet to market and sell your wire jewelry it is important to consider all options, including the photos you take and use in your website.  This article is about leveraging one of the most powerful ways to get your jewelry in front of millions of people.

First, your creative – the photo must be a good representation of your wire jewelry work.  Do not post any photos to the web that do not showcase your work in the best light, literally.  All photos you upload will find its way into the hands of prospective buyers and hence why you only want the great ones “out there.”  You’ve heard recently that posting something to social networking sites by you or someone else can have a negative impact on your reputation; the same holds true for photos associated with your work.

So, go the extra mile to produce beautiful photography of your wire jewelry.  Hire a professional even if you can’t afford one by trading some wire jewelry products or better yet, training on how to make a piece of wire jewelry.  Make sure to inspect the quality of work the photographer can produce before you hire him/her.

After you have digital images that you love then put your web address across the bottom of all of them – creating a specific space for it.  You can certainly be creative by producing a watermark possibly or place a small banner across the bottom of all of your photos.  From a branding perspective it’s always a good idea even on your website to show off your name over and over again.  Just don’t be too obtrusive.

After you’ve done this, make sure all of your website photos have your branding on them.  Next, start uploading your photos in photo sites such as  Search the web for more photo sites and upload.  Add them to your blog and insert them into articles.

Before you know it, your name (and website address) will be on all of your photos “out there” when people are searching for wire jewelry designs.  If you have the chance, also tag your photos with keywords including your name, your web address, and wire jewelry terminology.

Again, this is just one more way to get found out there on the great worldwide web!