A Rose By Any Name…

By on May 22, 2015
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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip May 22nd, 2015

A Rose By Any Name…

Did you know that June is National Rose Month? (Roses happen to be my favorite flower, and we are quickly coming up to the month of June) This holiday is to appreciate the rose, its species, and offerings. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation stating that the rose in the National Floral Emblem.

With all of the different kinds and colors of roses, it’s hard to keep up, and sometimes difficult to choose what kind of rose to plant or give. In order to help you identify what colors Roses are and what they stand for, I’ve put a chart below to help guide you in making your choices.

When it comes to jewelry there are so many colors that could represent the colors of a rose, and so many beautiful colors and kinds of wire that could be used in your “rose” jewelry.

Today I wanted to take a look at a few of our most beautiful “Rose” colored and related products that you might enjoy using during June – the National Rose Month.


Rose Gold Filled Wire: Silver and copper give our 14kt Rose Gold Filled Wire its beautiful glow! This alloy is prized for its color, and we are proud to offer it in several shapes and tempers. Use our fine rose gold metal in brooches, rings, earrings, and rose gold bangles your customers will love to wear! Click on the categories below to browse our Round, Square, and Half Round rose gold wire!

Rose Gold Filled Wire



Craft Wire:

Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire

Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire

Built on a core of 99% pure copper wire, then plated with .999 fine silver, and coated with color and a tarnish barrier, this Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire will make your wire jewelry pop! With brilliant colors that turn heads, in sea foam to ultra white, pacific blue to amethyst, Silver Plated Craft Wire is your next favorite thing!

Swarovski Crystals:

Cubic Zirconia Gemstones by Color:

10X8mm Rectangle Pink Rose CZ - Pack of 1

Pink Rose

Slip a scintillating pink rose CZ into your next wire wrap necklace or ring. These beautiful, fun stones are versatile and complete any jewelry project. They sparkle and shimmer as you move creating a beautiful twinkling effect. Your customers will ooh and ahh when they see how you’ve used our pink rose cubic zirconia. Our Cubic Zirconia Gemstones come in 8 styles – Round, Oval, Pear, Rectangle, Square, Octagon, Marquise and Heart shapes.

Free Pattern:

In order to use all of the wonderful products in a beautiful and yet simple project – CLICK HERE for the Solitary Flower Pendant Pattern by Sherrie Lingerfelt.

Solitary Flower Pendant

Solitary Flower Pendant Pattern

Happy Wrapping!

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