Wire Jewelry Printable Resource: Wire Footage Charts with Silver-Filled Wire

By on December 14, 2011
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by Rose Marion, Wire-Sculpture.com

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December 14, 2011

One of the most exciting new products we began carrying this year, besides Albina Manning’s Coiling & Weaving Series, is without a doubt our Sterling Silver Filled Wire. Our sterling silver wire is 1/10, or 10% sterling silver by weight, fused to a red brass core. The only other sterling silver filled wire on the market is 1/20, or 5% sterling silver by weight, so you’re getting the best-quality silver filled wire on the market. Plus, our silver-filled wire isn’t coated or treated, so you can still hammer, oxidize, and treat it just as you would regular sterling silver wire.

Over time, we’ve collected data on Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver, and Argentium® wires, the most common wires to be sold by weight, and put it in a convenient chart for you. Now, we’ve added Sterling Silver Filled wire to the chart! Please note that precious metals are measured in troy ounces; you can find an ounce-to-troy ounces conversion calculator here. We’ve also included our chart on Copper and Brass, which are often measured by the pound.

Having trouble reading the charts? They are all filled out according to length-per-weight. So, for example, for Gold Filled Round 14-gauge wire, the value is 5.45; this means there are 5.45 feet of gold filled 14-gauge round wire per troy ounce.

Download this Jewelry Measurements PDF Download Wire Length-per-Weight Charts (88KB)  |  Download Adobe Reader

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Please note, all values are approximate.

Feel free to bookmark this page, or our online Wire Charts page, and come back as often as you like! We have left blank the gauges and shapes that we do not carry; since our suppliers do not carry those wires, we cannot know the specifications for those


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