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Silver Filled Wire
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Silver Filled Wire
Silver filled wire is a beautiful wire that can be used to create a multitude of wire wrap jewelry pieces. It is made up of an everlasting outer layer of sterling silver encasing a red brass alloy core. Silver filled wire is a high quality wire product that's sure to please everyone! Scroll down and see all we have to offer.
There are many similarities between sterling silver, Argentium® and silver filled wire. Silver filled wire can be use just like sterling silver, and is even non-allergenic like sterling silver. If you're typically allergic to plated jewelry then silver filled wire is ideal for you. Silver filled wire is comparable to Argentium® as they have many of the same qualities. All of the things you love about sterling silver, gold filled and Argentium®, you'll love about silver filled wire, especially the cost!

Most silver filled wire has only 5% silver around the red brass alloy core, but ours is 10% silver. When you cut silver filled wire you will be able to see the red brass alloy core, but this will add character and dimension to your wire jewelry projects.

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