Looking for an Earring Finding?

By on February 17, 2017
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by Judy Ellis, Wirejewelry.com

Wire Jewelry Tip for February 17th, 2017

Looking for an Earring Finding?

by Marilyn Gardiner

Are you always looking for new findings,or maybe something interesting to use in our next earring project? Our tip today comes from Marilyn Gardiner and she gives us a couple of great ideas!

Marilyn Says:


This is an overview of three common options for choosing earring findings to add to the chainmail earrings you’ve just finished. These examples are for pierced ears, though you could also find a good variety for clip-on ear findings.


My personal favorite is a post. It can have a simple ball showing, or it can be more elaborate. There are options in several different metals. It is held in place with an earring back (aka earring nut, earring stopper) that could be metal, or rubber with metal, or just rubber or plastic

Mobius Ear Euro4-1 Ear.


The leverback finding is very secure because the part that goes through the ear locks in place.

Celtic Star Ear Butterfly Ear


A third option, and the most common, is the hook (aka French Hook, Shepherd’s Hook). Again, some are simple, some have added coils and balls, and some have flattened sections.

Barrel Ear AuraWebEar

Note: Several of the photos here are from my book Modern Chain Mail Jewelry.

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