JOGS 2017 – Final Instructors offering Weaving and Enameling

By on December 12, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Class Information for December 12th, 2016

JOGS 2017 – Final Instructors

Today we feature our final two 2017 JOGS instructors – Sara Thompson and Steven James

Sara Thompson:


Stitching, metal working & “Sparkle & Shine” are a big part of my personal universe along with my family & dogs. The “Ah Ha” moment my students get is just like adding hot fudge on ice cream to me. I’m aware that each person learns a little different than the next, and that is where my strong passion for teaching kicks in.

I have taught at Philly Bead Fest multiple times since 2008 through 2015, The Best Bead Show 2006 through 2015, as well as The Puget Sound Bead Show in San Jose, Ca. Phyllis also teaches in her store of 16 years, Sew Beadazzled, which is where she calls home.

A few of Sara’s Classes:

A great beginner class to learn weaving with fine-gauged wires. We will be creating a bezel to capture large pearl. We will then get to practice our organic shaping as we create a beautiful backing to our pendant, making in the process a double-sided pendant. One side is simple the other side ornate.

Add to your skills set as we use the modified soumak weave to create a layered pendant. We will also work on perfecting our symmetry. Basic torch work will also be taught. It is highly recommended that you come to class knowing the modified soumak weave. You can find this weave in my book “Fine Art Wire Weaving”, or from my Craftsy video: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

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Steven James:


Steven James, spent his childhood breaking his art teacher’s rules – coloring outside the lines, peeling the wrapper off crayons and making glue skin in the palm of his hand.

Now that he is older, wiser and craftier he still wants to break the rules, but he needs you to join in the fun. Put aside the responsibilities of your life and get back the creative connections you made as an 8-year old. A full-time elementary school teacher, who has made appearances on the DIY and HGTV networks he loves taking a break from his own routine and spending a few hours with adults who will hopefully avoid picking noses, scabs or fights and focus on being as creative and inspired as possible.

Long considered the alleged love child of Martha Stewart and Christopher Lowell, his published work has appeared in magazines such as ReadyMade and BeadStyle and books from Lark and Kalmbach. He has spread his love of handmade by developing craft ideas for TiVo, the Gap and the San Francisco Chronicle as well as various websites. His new book, Discover Torch Enameling published by Kalmbach Books in 2016 is available now.

Living by the mantra, “what are you gonna make today” Steven hopes to spark creativity in everyone he meets through a series of classes he teaches around the world.

A few of Steven’s Classes:

The Raindrop Pendant is lovely to look at and equally fun to make. Come learn how to make one of Steven’s newest creation – learning the secret tools and techniques beyond the beautiful pendant. A cluster of color and creativity await you in this class with solid forecast of fabulous!

Steven has all the torches, tools and techniques waiting for you to explore and if you bring a copy of his new book, Discover Torch Enameling – he has a special surprise for you too!

Light your path to creativity with The Lantern Pendant. Spend a full-day crafting a lantern, while combining several different techniques including Raku enameling, etching, metal stamping and simple soldering.

Create a one-of-a-kind focal piece that will shed light on your personal style be it hung in your home or close to your heart. With just a simple twist, you’ll be able to cast a glow out into the world.

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Plan your 2017 Tucson trip around taking a class – or a few!


Happy Wrapping!


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