JOGS 2017 – Metal Sheet and Chainmail

By on November 21, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for November 21st, 2016

JOGS 2017 – Metal Sheet and Chainmail

Today we feature two more of our 2017 JOGS Instructors Marilyn Gardiner and Marti Brown.

Marilyn Gardiner:


Over 15 years ago, Marilyn Gardiner fell into beading while spending some time in Tucson, AZ during the annual gem shows in February. She enrolled in as many classes as she could and never looked back. A retired teacher, with a love of math and a graphic design background thrown in for good measure, Marilyn is intrigued by the patterns and geometric shapes in nature and in man-made products such as textiles, art glass and architecture.

She founded Marilyn Gardiner Jewellery Design and sells her chain mail kits both online and at bead shows across Canada and in the U.S. Based in Waterloo, ON, Marilyn is a popular teacher at bead shows and also at bead stores around Southwestern Ontario, across the border in Buffalo, as well as in San Antonio and Tucson. Her background as an educator is evident in her clearly written and easy to follow kit instructions.

In 2007 Marilyn was selected as the “Artist in Residence: Beadwork” at the Joseph Schneider Haus in Kitchener, ON and in 2011 she was invited to include pieces in an international beadwork exhibit at the JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show. Her first chain mail book, Modern Chain Mail Jewelry, was published by Kalmbach in 2015, and a second one is in process.

Marilyn is a founder of the Grand River Bead Society based in Guelph, ON. You can find out more at

A few of Marilyn’s Classes:

Yes, it’s a weird name for this quietly elegant chain mail pattern! The contrast of mixed metals enhances a most charming, delicate bracelet.


Open, airy squares are linked together to create a bracelet you’ll fall in love with. Use, or learn, Byzantine techniques to make the four corners of each unit. Pre-requisite: Completion of a one or two previous chain mail projects would be helpful.

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Marti Brown:


Marti Brown was always interested in the arts. As a child, some of her fondest memories included art camp, painting in her basement, art classes in summer school, and involvement in choral music. Marti became a professional artist and craftsman after completing her BFA in jewelry making.

She has been designing jewelry for over 35 years and loves creating jewelry and teaching. Marti has worked in a variety of traditional and contemporary jewelry metals and processes. She currently works in niobium, a colorful metal, which she loves introducing to her students.

A few of Marti’s Classes:

Fold form a sheet of niobium without the need for annealing. Cut out two shapes to create earrings with. File and sand the shapes to prepare for anodizing. After anodizing create findings, assemble and embellish the earrings with beads.


Combine vintage brass filigrees with the new technology of anodizing niobium to create a stunning ‘old world’ necklace. Using a process I call “painting with sandpaper” students will add color highlights to the textured surfaces. Students will learn cutting, creating holes, shaping, filing, sanding, riveting and anodizing.


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Plan your 2017 Tucson trip around taking a class – or a few!


Happy Wrapping!


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