JOGS 2017 – Wire and Stone

By on November 7, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for November 7th, 2016

JOGS 2017 – Wire and Stone

November has come roaring in like a lion – and we are quickly heading toward the Holiday season! Today we continue with our introduction of our 2017 JOGS Instructors – Jeff Fulkerson and Kaska Firor

Jeff Fulkerson:


Artist Jeff Fulkerson has been creating stunning, imaginative jewelry for over 30 years. He has taught at the Bead & Button Show, Bead Fest, Art Unraveled, the San Diego Museum of Man, as well as several private studios and bead shops.

A contributing artist to Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist Magazine, his work has also been seen in Art Jewelry Magazine, Rock & Gem Magazine and Step by Step Wire. Jeff has also produced instructional videos on “Beginning Inlaying Jewelry”, “Stone on Stone”, “Making Concho Belts With the Hydraulic Press” and “Rings!” as well as up-coming articles in Lapidary Journal and Step by Step Wire.

A self-taught silver-smith with a background in construction and design, he counts himself fortunate to have studied with many great Native American artists in the last few years, most notably, Richard Tsosie, Navajo, Jesse Monogya, Hopi/Navajo and Michael Cheatham, Cherokee.

Jeff’s Classes:

2-Day Stone on Stone Pendant

2/03/2017 10:30am - 6:00pm and 2/04/2017 10:30am - 6:00 pm Jeff Fulkerson 2-Day Stone on Stone Pendant

Learn how to add a stone on top of a stone, create a pendant and learn how to tube set a 4mm faceted stone. You will also learn how to make a neck collar to put your pendant on. *This is a 2-day class!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Cabochon Ring with Heavy Set Bezel

We will discuss picking a cabochon and what to look for. You will learn how to make a heavy chiseled and cut bezel and an overlay shank so your ring will

stand out from the crowd. You will learn how to sweat solder, make a heavy bezel with notches/cuts to really set off your stone. Skill Level: All Levels

To see ALL of Jeff’s Classes – CLICK HERE!


Kaska Firor:


Kaska Firor is an award winning jewelry artist, a writer and an educator. Originally a traditional wire-wrapping artist, in recent years Kaska has shifted her focus to working with innovating weaving techniques borrowed from basket making and textile arts. The intricate and visually complex patterns created by the weaves were what originally attracted Kaska to wire weaving.

Her fascination with the art continues to grow as she discovers more complex and challenging ways of combining and modifying different techniques and more inventive ways of incorporating stones, beads and other elements into her woven designs. Kaska showcases and sells her jewelry at art shows and exhibitions where she has won numerous awards. Her work has been published in magazines such as Art jewelry Magazine and Step by Step Wire. Her first book, Freeform Wire Woven Jewelry, was released in November 2013.

Kaska enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She teaches locally at her studio in Cincinnati and throughout the country. For additional information please visit Kaska’s website:

A few of Kaska’s Classes:

Create this beautiful pendant using simple wire weaving and wire shaping techniques. Students will be given precise instruction as how to create the pendant from start to finish, but will also be encouraged to customize the finishing touches in order to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Skill level: All levels welcome.

Create this awesome ring using just a few wire wrapping and weaving techniques. Students will follow precise instructions to complete this ring, but will also be given pointers on how to customize the design to make it their own. The class will focus on improving weaving skills and learning to combine different weaving techniques to created new weave patterns. Skill Level: Intermediate Prerequisites: students need to know the basic weaves.

To see all of Kaska’s Classes - CLICK HERE!


Plan your 2017 Tucson trip around taking a class – or a few!


Happy Wrapping!


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