FREE Pattern: Simple Flower Pendant

By on October 19, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for October 19th 2016

Simple Flower Pendant

by Jill Gentry

Today we have a very simple, beginners pattern for you. This Simple Flower Pendant can be incorporated into so many projects! Enjoy!

Designed by Jill Gentry © 2011


Skill Level: Beginner/All

Technique: Round wire

After making a very complicated piece, I decided to give myself a break and play with some colored craft wire. The resulting design was so much fun that I thought I would share it with those who would like to make something simple and fast. This is also a great project for younger “aspiring” wire artists!




Step 1. Straighten, measure and cut one piece of colored craft wire, 14″ long. Mark the center of the wire. Place the double barrel bail pliers on the mark and fold the wire over the largest barrel to form a one-inch petal. From where the petal wire overlaps the straight wire, measure 1″ and repeat, forming a second petal.

Simple Flower Pendant

Step 2. Now move to the straight wire on the other side of the first petal, measure out 1″ and repeat, forming the third petal.

Simple Flower Pendant

Step 3. Continue moving from one side to the other, until you have made 5 petals.

Simple Flower Pendant

Step 4. Pull the shortest wire around and between the petals to lock them in, wrapping at least twice. Make sure to adjust the petals as you go along to look like a flower.

Simple Flower Pendant

Step 5. Make sure to pull the wrap wire to the front side of the flower, keeping it close to the center. Slip your chosen bead onto the end of the wrap wire. Fold the end of the wire to one side, and use chain nose pliers to form a tiny loop, locking the bead onto the wire.

Simple Flower Pendant

Step 6. Take the end of the second wire to back of flower. Fold this wire over the smaller barrel of the double barrel pliers to form a bail, and wrap the end of the wire around the base of the bail twice. Trim and tuck the wire end.

Simple Flower Pendant

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple pattern. Keep checking back for more great patterns and tips!

Happy Wrapping!

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