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By on February 22, 2016
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by Judy Ellis, Wirejewelry.com

Wire Jewelry Tool Tip for February 22nd, 2016

Glues and Adhesives

Today we feature a great quick video about several different types of glues and adhesives that we carry on our sister site JewerlyTools.com. Watch as Kate Richbourg gives us some quick tips about different types and their uses.



Glues and Adhesives:

E6000 is an industrial, high performance adhesive that is ideal for jewelry and beading applications. It provides a superior bond on porous and non-porous materials such as metal, plastic, glass, rubber, tile, marble, ceramic, vinyl, fabric, leather and wood. Maintains adhesive strength even when submerged under water. Abrasion resistant so may be used on high-wear surfaces. Dries clear and is paintable. 1 oz. tube.


Epoxy 330, water-clear glue, line bonds with fast setting time. Used to bond gem materials to metal findings and takes a high polish for inlay. It can also be used for invisible bonding of glass, china, ceramics, stone, metals and other non-porous materials. Thickens in 15 minutes and hardens in 2 hours. Hardens in 10 minutes under a heat lamp. 1/2 ounce tube, pack of 2.

Precision applicator allows maximum control with this jeweler’s cement. This cement is traditionally used for plastic or glass watch crystals but is also excellent for bead stringing. Just a small amount on knots will ensure they never come loose. Will not bond fingers. Non-brittle, dries clear. 1/3 oz. tube.

Now available from EURO TOOL, Super New Glue has a different formula than other super glues giving it superior holding quality, even under the toughest conditions. New Glue is made in the USA. Each bottle holds 3 grams.

If you are in need of a few of these great adhesives – use Promo Code GLUE20 to save 20% on All Jewelry Glues and Adhesives. This promo code only lasts a few days – so don’t wait!

Happy Wrapping!

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