Using a Polishing Cloth

By on June 6, 2015
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by Judy Ellis,

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip June 6th, 2015

Using a Polishing Cloth


What’s the difference between the types of polishing cloths? And what’s the best way to remove any tarnish from Argentium wire?

-Kalyna in Colorado Springs, Colorado


To remove a rare tarnish from Argentium–you can use a lint free cloth, such as tee shirt material, but if you wish to use one, any polishing cloth will work.

As far as the differences between polishing cloths, watch this video tip from Mary Bailey and Sherrie Lingerfelt, showing polishing cloths with and without powdered rouges.

Polishing Cloths and Compounds:

We carry a wide variety of jewelry polishing cloths and rouges to make your creations look their very best. Put the finishing touches on your masterpieces with one of our jewelry polishing cloths or jewelry polishing rouges. Use our cloths to straighten wire and for buffing scratches. There are many uses for our polishing cloths and compounds.

Brilliant Polishing Cloths - Small - 6x4 inch

Brilliant Polishing Cloths
“Brilliant” products are treated with a newly developed chemical agent which cuts through tarnish better than other cloths and inhibits tarnish from reappearing. You can polish brass, chrome, copper, silver and gold brilliantly without getting rouge on your hands.        4″ x 6″

Polishing Cloths - Pack of 4

Polishing Cloths
These cloths can be used to polish wire and sheet metal but you must put some red rouge on them. They do not come pre impregnated with polish. Just lay them down and scratch your red rouge bar against them about 10 times and their ready to polish. —  Four piece colored terry wiping cloth set. Depending on availability these may come in white.

Gembright Lintless Cloth 9 - Pack of 1

Gembright Lintless Cloth
Revolutionary micro fiber that will not snag or shed. Optimal texture and softness for cleaning precious stones. Untreated, powder blue color with hang-up bag for counter display.

Red Rouge Polishing Paste - 4 Ounce

Red Rouge Polishing Paste
Used for polishing and buffing gold filled wire, 14 karat gold wire, silver, brass, and copper. 1/4 pound bar. Does not contain any coarse material. Great for creating a mirror finish on all metals.

You will notice a difference immediately when used with a cloth wheel and your rotary tool! Perfect end polish for your finished wire project.

ShineBrite Silver Dip - 8 Ounces

ShineBrite Silver Dip
In less than two minutes you can easily remove tarnish and oxidation to restore the shine and brilliance to all silver jewelry. ShineBrite will even remove Liver of Sulphur! Instantly bring out lost shine to sterling silver, fine silver, and silver plating. Simply place silver pieces into the included basket, let it soak for up to two minutes and then rinse with warm water. Dry and polish with a soft cloth. Not recommended for use on soft stones (pearls, opals, etc.).

Benchtop Polisher

Benchtop Polisher
This great new polisher from EURO TOOL is smaller than a mouse pad. It has pre-lubricated ball bearings and a dust-proof motor housing that makes it almost maintenance free. This precision polisher is well balanced so you don’t have to sacrifice quality or speed. It works with standard wheels and buffs up to 4″. This polisher includes 2 tapered spindles, 2 medium abrasive wheels and 2 replacement motor brushes. It is 110 volts with 1/6 HP motor. It is UL listed and has a variable speed from 1,800 to 7,500 RPM. 1-year warranty.

Make sure your tool box is fully stocked by picking up a few of these items from our Daily Deals!

Happy Wrapping!

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