Bubble Girl Bracelet

By on April 18, 2014
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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com


Tip for April 18, 2014

Bubble Girl Bracelet

Spring is finally here along with a grouping of wonderful holidays, and great opportunities to create beautiful gifts. Today I’d like to feature an easy to make wire bracelet, perfect for any mother, sister, wife, cousin, aunt or grandmother.

This pattern is easy to make and can be used for any occasion, however with Mother’s Day coming up, why not customize it with some birthstone colored Swarovski crystals, Gemstone Beads or add some Tierra Cast charms (which are ON CLEARANCE right now!) for a personal touch. With so many choices, the possibilities are endless!

Bubble Girl Bracelet

Bubble Girl Bracelet

Designed by Lindi Schneck

Skill Level: Beginner/All

Technique: Round Wire/Forming

One of my customers was a bride who needed a special, yet inexpensive gift for her “bubble girl”, who blew soap bubbles on the happy couple after the wedding. After just a moment’s thought, I grabbed a piece of wire and voila! “Bubble Bracelet” was born! This design is very quick to make and with all of the amazing beads available today, the variation possibilities are endless. (Of course, you do not have to be a “bubble girl” to wear this.)


**Tip: When choosing your supplies, make sure that your bead choices fit onto your chosen wire gauge, (18-gauge being the stronger choice of the two options).



  1. Formula = wrist + ½-inch. Straighten, clean, then measure and cut a piece of wire Formula length + 3-inches.Line Break
  2. Measure 1¼” from one end of wire and mark. Use either the small side of double barrel pliers or the largest section of round-nose pliers; make a wrapped loop with this shorter end.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  3. Divide your Formula measurement in half.  Using this new number, measure from the bottom of the loop just made toward the open end and mark.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  4. Put your embellishments/beads on a scrap wire and measure their total length.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  5. Divide the embellishment measurement by 2, and use this distance to mark to each side of the center mark on the bracelet wire.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  6. Use a pin vise to twist a 1-1/2 inch piece of 22g square wire, (this is a great use for a scrap). At one end of this twisted wire, use the small tip of round-nose pliers to form a small loop that will ‘just’ fit over the bracelet wire gauge.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  7. Making sure your bracelet wire JUST fits into this loop cut the excess wire from the loop, forming a ‘bead’. You will need to make two of these, which will be holding your embellishments in place.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  8. Put one of those loop ‘beads’ on the mark closest to your closed wrapped loop, and crimp it into place with either flat-nose pliers or a crimping tool.  Add the chosen bead embellishments and crimp the other ‘twisted bead’ on the opposite end, to hold the center beads in place.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  9. From the open end of the bracelet wire, measure ¾-inch and mark. Use a chasing hammer to flatten this segment of wire, on the same plane as the end loop/eye.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  10. To form the hook, use the tips of round-nose pliers to form a tiny curl at the flattened end of the wire.  Replace round-nose pliers at a larger segment of the jaw, immediately under the curl just formed and roll the wire in the opposite direction, forming a hook.
    Bubble Girl BraceletBubble Girl BraceletBubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  11. Begin shaping the bracelet by bending it around a form and ‘walking’ your fingers on the wire, teasing it slowly into an oval. Carefully make a little bend with your chain-nose pliers in the wire at each side of the hook and eye, finishing the shape.
    Bubble Girl BraceletLine Break
  12. Finished Bracelet
    Bubble Girl Bracelet

I think I”ll make one of these for my mother. I know she’ll love it! I hope you do too.

Happy Wrapping!

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    Peppermint Patty

    May 13, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Very nice bracelet. I would love to make it for all 4 of my grandchildren. I, appreciate, the Tips, greatly!