Coiled Wire Daisy Bracelet

By on May 21, 2014
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Wrapping Tutorial May 21, 2014

The Coiled Wire Daisy Bracelet

Today I wanted to give you a fun and inspirational pattern that you can make over and over again!

This Coiled Wire Daisy Bracelet is the only accessory you’ll want on your wrist all spring and summer long and this simple tutorial puts a new twist on the classic daisy chain pattern. Enjoy!

Coiled Wire Daisy Bracelet

Coiled Wire Daisy Bracelet

Bead Type: Pearl, Miscellaneous

Time to complete: In an evening

Bead Technique Used: Chainmail/Wirework

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



Make a Coiled-Coil:

  1. Using a length of approximately 60 inches of 24-ga wire, make a 4.5-inch long coil on the 1.6mm diameter mandrel (second to smallest mandrel in the Coiling Gizmo Deluxe Winder).
  2. Take the coil off the mandrel and trim off excess wire.
  3. Cut a 15-inch length of 22-ga wire of the same color.
  4. Using the same mandrel as in step 1, secure the 22-ga wire onto the mandrel and make one coil.
  5. Thread the 4.5-inch coil you made in step 1 onto the 22-ga wire still attached to the mandrel.
  6. Push the coiled wire up to the mandrel and coil it (with the 22-ga wire inside of it) approximately 16 times around the mandrel.
  7. Remove the coiled-coil off the mandrel. DO NOT CUT the wires yet.

Create the Daisy’s Petals:

  1. Trim off the excess wire (the wire tail attached to the mandrel), leaving the longer remaining wire on the opposite side of the coiled-coil intact.
  2. Thread the remaining 22-ga wire through the opposite side of the coiled-coil you just created.
  3. Pull and tighten the wire thus, forming a circle of coiled-coil wire. This is the “petals” of your daisy.
  4. Adjust the coils so that they are evenly distributed throughout the circle.

Complete the Daisy:

  1. For the center of the daisy, thread a 10mm bead onto the remaining 22-ga wire and carry the wire over to the opposite side of the daisy.
  2. Wrap the wire once around the opposite side.
  3. Secure the remaining wire by wrapping it twice around the wire that the bead is strung onto (inside the coiled-coil circle).
  4. Trim off any excess wire.

Making the Bracelet:

  1. To connect the wire daisies, use 8-10mm open jump rings and/or wire wrapped beads.


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Happy Wrapping!


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    Pam W

    May 21, 2014 at 6:11 am

    Lovely bracelet! Please can we have instructions on how to make the clasp? Many thanks, Pam

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    May 22, 2014 at 5:48 am

    Nice Tutorial. Why do you have every kind of social media except Pinterest – or am I missing it?