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Precious Metal Pattern Wire
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Check out our beautiful precious metal pattern wire! This pattern wire is great for any wire jewelry project. It adds personality to any piece you create and comes in a variety of patterns, sizes and metals. Create bangles, bracelets, rings and anything else you can dream up with floral vine, eternal spring, rope, Egyptian, floral bouquet patterns and more. Our precious metal pattern wire is ideal for both men and women's jewelry.
Replace a few wires with pattern wire to give your ring or cabochon frame a whole new look. This precious metal pattern wire is great for both men and women's jewelry and is incredibly versatile. We're sure you'll love the look of this fun, new wire. Your bracelets, rings and other jewelry will have a whole new personality. Your customers will love the unique look of our precious metal pattern wire. As soon as your pattern wire is cut, it's easy to work with and may be used to create beautiful rings, bracelets, cabochon frames and so much more.

Precious Metal Pattern Wire Note: Our silver pattern wire comes in 4-16mm wide sizes and our gold filled pattern wire comes in 5-18mm wide sizes. Sorry, no returns/refunds/exchanges on gold or silver wire products.

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