Soldering Trifecta with Kim St. Jean
We have a wide range of pearls, such as blister pearls, mabe pearls, and osmena pearl. Natural pearls are formed in shellfish, especially pearl oysters. However, harvesting natural pearls is dangerous to both the divers who harvest them and the creatures who produce them, so most pearls today are cultured. Blister pearls and mabe pearls are cultured, and have unique shapes. Osmena pearls are actually carved nautilus shell, but have a similar luster and quality as cultured or natural pearls.

Make an elegant piece of wire jewelry with a pearl cabochon as the centerpiece, or use some of our smaller pearls as accents.  Your clients will love our pearls, with their unique shape and texture. Order your pearls from us today!

Wire-Sculpture stocks a wide assortment of cabochon gemstones to ensure we have the best products on hand for your wire jewelry making needs. Our wide selection of jewelry cabs comes from all over the world, and all our pieces are shaped and polished to impress.