Soldering Trifecta with Kim St. Jean
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Our high-quality 925 sterling silver pattern wire is available in 4-16mm wide sizes, and is stunning when used for bangles, bracelets, or beautiful rings. Our silver pattern wire is beautiful and versatile. With your choice of three floral patterns, as well as rope and waves patterns, silver pattern wire is perfect for women’s jewelry — but also try it out with intricate men’s bands and jewelry.

Also, be sure to check out our base metal pattern wire in copper, nickel and brass. Keep your wire shining brightly with our polishing cloths!

Wire can be the glue that holds your jewelry together, or it can shine as the focal point for the entire work. Whether you’re into chain maille, beading, wire sculpture and wire jewelry making — or even name writing —we have the perfect wire for you.

Sorry, no returns/refunds/exchanges on gold or silver wire products.

At-a-Glance Dimensions of Sterling Silver Pattern Wire Approx. Gauge Height (mm) Width (mm)
Daisies and Diamonds 16 1.397 5.1816
Daisy Chain 24 0.508 7.9375
Flower Garden 20 0.889 6.35
Mirrored Lines 18 1.016 5.08
Rope Braid 20 0.8128 6.35
Waves 16 1.27 5.334
Wide Fancy Floral 24 0.508 19.05
Wide Ribbon 16 1.27 11.1125