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More about Yellow Turquoise

Yellow Turquoise looks like a lemony cousin of the blue stone that's been revered by Native Americans in the U.S., as well an ancient Egyptians. Actually, Yellow Turquoise Beads are not real turquoise, but they are real stone — usually jasper or serpentine that has been dyed a rich yellow color. The black matrix is most often hematite.

You'll sometimes find Yellow Turquoise referred to as Chinese Turquoise. It is truly an international variety of stone — the name turquoise is from the French, meaning "Turkish stone." Our Yellow Turquoise beads will look extraordinary set in silver, perhaps with pearl accents. A stunning, eclectic look could be achieved with Yellow Turquoise beads and oynx beads or cabochons. You might want to explore our wide choice of Turquoise cabochons in all colors. There's no limit to the imagination when working with Yellow Turquoise beads.

For more information on Turquoise and the various treatments used to stabilize or imitate Turquoise, you'll find plenty in our informational article Turquoise. We also take a look at everything else you wanted to know about Turquoise in a post on our Wire-Sculpture jewelry making blog. Click here to go to "Gem Profile: Turquoise."

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