Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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If you're familiar with Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's instructional DVDs then you know she's a big fan of the Automatic Wire Twister. With 4.8 volts of power it has twice the power of most cordless screwdrivers and can twist two pieces of wire together in the blink of an eye (spins at 400rpm). A three-prong chuck is included so no other attachments are necessary. This tool even comes with a rechargeable battery pack and A/C charge adapter.

After you've added Wire-Sculpture's Automat Wire Twister to your cart, check out our other jewelry making tools. If you'd like any of the DVDs we mentioned above you can find them here. And, because you're buying a wire twister, we want to make sure you swing by to see all of the wire we have to offer. Every wire wrap project needs wire so stock up on various lengths, gauges and metals.