fold forming
Beautiful wrapped and strung on gold filled wire and sterling silver wire, our sunstone beads will illuminate your wire wrapping and add an exotic touch to your wire art. Relatively rare in nature, sunstone crystal is abundant in Oregon, where it is the state gem. If you enjoy working with round sunstone beads and faceted sunstone beads, you’ll love our sunstone cabochons! Plan your sunstone bead jewelry series today.

Wire-Sculpture is committed to keeping thousands of beads for making jewelry in stock, so you always have a source for the beads you need. Use our beads for any beading project. Even if you primarily work in chainmaille, try a metallic or glass bead to accent your work - experiment!

We have a giant selection of gemstone beads to match the cabochon gems you work with. Jasper beads, quartz beads, and multi-stone assortments are always popular choices. Explore our gemstones for the stones perfect for your wire jewelry making!