Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
Sardonyx is well known for its banding, which are sard inclusions, and colorful appearance. Sardonyx gemstone is a type of quartz, and when not formed in sardonyx pendants, it is often carved into jewelry cameos and seals. 

While peridot is the modern birthstone of August, the traditional gem of August was the sardonyx birthstone; sardonyx gemstone was also the Old Testament traditional birthstone of May and June. Whether you’re making birthstone jewelry with a historical aspect, or if you’re simply enchanted by the red sardonyx bands and hues, our sardonyx pendant cabochons are perfect for your jewelry making.

Wire-Sculpture stocks a wide assortment of cabochon gemstones to ensure we have the best products on hand for your wire jewelry making needs. Our wide selection of jewelry cabs comes from all over the world, and all our pieces are shaped and polished to impress.