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Stone Setting
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Stone Setting
Use your burnishers to de-bur the end of your jewelry wire after it has been cut or to smooth bezels around stones and gems. Just a couple of twists are all it takes to put those small, but oh-so-crucial adjustments on your wire-jewelry masterpiece.
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The difference between a finely crafted piece of wire jewelry and a mediocre piece of wire jewelry is the details. And if you're here, we know one thing about you: you're serious about getting the tools and supplies that will help you attend to all the details. The details that make the difference between beautiful wire jewelry and "just ok" wire jewelry.

And jewelry burnishers are essential tools in every serious jewelry maker's kit. Wire burnishers, or "agate burnishers" help you put the finishing touches like de-burring and bezel smoothing on your masterpieces.

Our burnishers are finely-crafted with "finger-friendly" wooden handles. And you can choose from curved or straight burnishers depending on your wire jewerly-making needs.

Whether it's beading tools, burnishers, or one of our rotary tools, you'll find the newest and highest quality jewelry equipment on the market today!

So add these burnishers to your kit today. And remember - if you can't find what you're looking for or have questions about what jewelry tools or supplies you need we are here to help!Call Toll-Free 1-877-636-0608

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