Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Earring stands, earring trees, and earring cards are great ways to display your beautiful wire work. Whether you're selling earrings at a show--earrings are a great impulse buy!--or simply photographing your earrings for posting on Etsy, Artfire, or your own personal online store, these earring stands and displays will make your jewelry look professional and attractive.

Play with the settings on your camera to find how to best photograph your work. Many online sellers find that natural sunlight will highlight the crystals, wire wrapping, and intricate details of your earrings. Experiment with different earrings stands and earring trees to find the variety that makes your work pop! A black earring stand will have a different effect on your display than a white earring display. Just experiment and find what works for you!

We have great tips from Mike Ault in an article called Take Photos of Your Wire Jewelry Using a Lightbox, check it out!

For more tips on setting up your booth at jewelry and craft fairs, see our blog!