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More about Dragon's Blood Jasper

Jasper may be one of the most common stones in the world, and it comes in virtually every hue. Bloodstone jasper, however, is among the more unusual!

Our Dragons Blood Jade beads will bring a sense of fairy tale and romance to your jewelry art. This stone is aptly named — its colors will indeed have you thinking of St. George's fabled enemy, with its dark green color reminiscent of dragon scales and its mysterious reds looking like — you guessed it!

Mined only in western Australia, Dragons Blood Jasper is said to increase courage and vitality. That's exactly what it will bring to your own projects.

Renowned jewelry maker Dale "Cougar" Armstrong takes an entertaining look at bloodstone jasper in a post on our Wire-Sculpture jewelry making blog. Click here to see our Gem Profile on this handsome gemstone.

If you're looking for a natural, woodsy color in your jewelry making, you can't miss with these dramatic beads. Dragons Blood Jasper is only one of's entirely new line of unusual and unparalleled beads. Be sure to check them all out!