Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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We understand that it’s easy to get “jeweler’s block.” So we’ve put together packages of our wire jewelry stones to help you get your creativity back. Choose from all shapes and sizes of cabochons – we have round cabochons, oval cabochons, pear cabochons, cat eye cabochons, and freeform cabochons available for all your wire jewelry making needs. Our gemstone cabochon packs are sure to give you a variety of stones for jewelry making and inspiration without the hassle of buying the gemstones individually.

Buy cabochons in packs of 6 up to 100, or buy by weight for your convenience. Get a large pack of cabochons to save ordering, or experiment with small packs to expand your jewelry repertoire and try new ideas. Use some stones now, and save the rest for a burst of creativity later.

Are you making a series of necklaces, earrings, or bracelets? Buy a pack of cabochon gemstones by shape, and you’ll get a variety of colors. Buy a pack of jewelry cabs by gemstone, and you’ll get a variety of shapes! Wire-Sculpture’s gemstone cabochon assortments will spark your imagination and save you time and money.