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Black Star Diopside Cabochons
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Black Star Diopside Cabochons
Black Star Diopside is also known as the Black Star of India. Diopside, from the Greek work 'di' (two) and 'opsis' (vision), is found in two forms: black star and chrome. Star diopside exhibits a phenomenon known as Asterism. The stone has inclusions in the form of needles that produce a 4-rayed white star when aligned. This is the only gemstone with a 4-rayed star! It is said to bring creativity to the wearer, so stock up today and get creative!
Black diopside is opaque and generally black, but can have shades of green. This is a great stone for jewelry, but is soft and brittle so care should be taken when working with it. When black diopside is faceted it no longer displays asterism; however, when it's cut into a cabochon shape it still displays the asterism star. The black star diopside featured here is often referred to as the crying stone as it is said to bring cleansing to tears in order to heal trauma. It is also believed to heal the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Here at we know you have a busy life and often can't make the time to peruse our website. If you have a roast in the oven, a daughter asking for homework help and a load of laundry going then we'll make it easy for you. If you need more wire to complete your black star diopside project, click here. Prefer to use pre-made cabochon settings? Check those out, here. Don't forget our wonderful selection of beads and gemstones to compliment your black diopside piece.

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