Soldering Trifecta with Kim St. Jean
Agate has been a popular stone to carve cameos from, used before the discovery of shell as a cameo component; the back piece is commonly dyed a darker color to contrast with the lighter, uncolored carved front stone. Agate is the birthstone of May, and the gemstone of the 12th wedding anniversary. These high quality agate cameos are heirloom-quality; you and your customers’ families can pass down these beautiful stones for generations!

Cameo stones are always classy jewelry components to work with. Common cameo motifs included mythological figures and leaders of state in ancient times; cameos roared back into fashion with Queen Victoria, and modern cameos often depict young women, flowers, religious motifs, such as the Madonna and Child, and astrological signs.

Cameos are beautiful wrapped in wire as brooches, pins, pendants, and rings; you can also bezel or peyote stitch these striking cameo stones for an ornate, elegant look. Sophisticated, refined, and head-turning, our quality cabochons will impress your customers and become lovely heirloom jewelry pieces!