Soldering Trifecta with Kim St. Jean

We pride ourselves on our stock here at Wire-Sculpture. We have a large inventory of white topaz in many shapes and sizes. Our sizes include 5mm up to 14mm and 13x11mm to 18x13mm. Our white topaz comes in shapes like oval, octagon, pear, square and round. We know you'll love this flashy stone and all the jewelry you create with it.

If you're new to wire wrap jewelry be sure and check out our invaluable instructional DVDs. These DVDs are incredibly helpful and detailed. If you're a seasoned professional, or already have all the DVDs, you may want to check out our wire section and make sure you're all stocked up. We also have a huge inventory of beads, cabochons and cameos. Whatever you need to succeed, Wire-Sculpture is here to help!