Soldering Trifecta with Kim St. Jean
Jasper is a kind of quartz, part of the chalcedony family. Under the category of picture jasper, these paint brush cabochons are one-of-a-kind, beautiful jasper that remind us of scenery or common pictures. Rockhounds have named jasper whimsically for ages, and these picture jasper cabochons are reminiscent of paint drops and brush strokes.

Our paint brush jasper are mainly gray, with yellow or orange highlights, and black or dark brown brush strokes. Your customers will love identifying shapes and pictures in this jasper, finding personal scenes and meanings. Explore our main picture jasper section here.

Wire-Sculpture stocks a wide assortment of cabochon gemstones to ensure we have the best products on hand for your wire jewelry making needs. Our wide selection of jewelry cabs comes from all over the world, and all our pieces are shaped and polished to impress.