Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Jade refers to two minerals, jadeite and nephrite, and until the 19th century, lapidaries drew no distinction between the two. We are proud to stock real nephrite jade, which is a soft mineral available both in the traditional green and exotic colors such as purple, pink, and blue. Jade has long been associated with Asian cultures; however, jade is found around the world, and was used in early Mesoamerica, North America, New Zealand, and Europe as well. Jade is a tranquil, calming stone. Use our nephrite jade in peaceful wire jewelry your customers will love. Wire-Sculpture stocks a wide assortment of cabochon gemstones to ensure we have the best products on hand for your wire jewelry making needs. Our wide selection of jewelry cabs comes from all over the world, and all our pieces are shaped and polished to impress.