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Green Enameled Craft Wire
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This beautiful green enameled craft wire will be the perfect addition to your next piece of jewelry. If you're making a tree of life pendant, for example, you can use this green wire in place of silver or gold for the leaves. Just picture your next piece of jewelry; now picture it with green wire. Green colored craft wire puts a spin on each piece and will make it an automatic show stopper.
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Replacing regular metal wire with colored wire is a unique way to make your jewelry stand out in a crowd. Customers are expecting people to create with silver and gold, so imagine their surprise when they get to your display and they're hit with colored wire! Your next wrapped pendant will have flair like nothing you've ever seen. Try our green enameled craft wire today!

When you've picked out your fill of green enameled craft wire, be sure to go back and check out all of the other colors we carry. We also have silver plated copper craft wire, if you prefer. With all of this colored wire you'll want to be sure you have plenty of matching beads and cabochons. Make sure you have the proper tools, and you're good to go! Have fun creating!

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